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Kendama is more than just a ball and a cup

The Brewview Podcast

The Brewview is the Instagram Live podcast where kendama news, culture, and stories are shared over the warmth of coffee with your host, Adam "Cafe" McNeil.

Tune in live each week on Instagram or listen now to past episodes on your favourite podcasting platforms.

The Brewed Blog

Coffee Guides

Keep you up to date for all your caffeinated needs. Brewing guides, gear reviews, and where to get started!

Communities and Events

Highlighting different communities, events, and players in the kendama community.

Behind-the-Ken Stories

Getting you the background details on some of the craziest and most inspiring kendama content you didn't know you wanted.


This is a curated blog of community-written content designed to inspire deeper play and connection to Kendama and its community.

Brew Better Coffee


My favorite way to brew coffee for the Brewview

Onyx Coffee Lab


Get Onyx Coffee Lab with code BREWVIEW10

The Guide

Follow my exact method for brewing the perfect cup

Join the Coffee Gang Discord

The Most Caffeinated Kendama Discord Server